• If this was the main forum I would say HTFU, and so would everyone else.

    I've yet to ride my 'fixie' outside of Ireland or London so I've yet to encounter the kinds of extreme weather required for these burns to happen. As for slipping all over the place? Just like riding brEAKless its all part of the zen experience, you feel more connected to the bike. Besides, if I'm going to cycle 20 miles, I want to peddle 20 miles and if I'm gonna grip the bars, I'm gonna do it, I'm not gonna get some tape to grip for me!

    Lets face it, grips, like brEAKs, mudguards, lights, are all just marketing, true hipsters don't buy into that shit. There's plenty of other ways to make your bike look like my little pony.



    Then I think I've found the root of my problem... I'm not a hipster, just a guy who likes his bikes and uses them as something other than a fashion accessory :p