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  • It was part of the discussions for rules on classifieds.

    The rules don't do much except clarify that I'm not responsible for anything that goes wrong, and just codifies the etiquette so that new people know how to conduct themselves.

    As for bumping, there were quite a few suggestions, and I haven't outlawed it. What I've said is that you can't just bump for no reason.

    That you haven't sold it as quickly as you'd like isn't a good enough reason for a bump. Maybe the item is shit? Maybe it's over-priced? Maybe you failed to provide decent information or photos? Maybe you failed to provide a price?

    I don't mind bumping, but it has to be for reason. It's in your interest to sell something and I want to encourage you to spend the time to make a more compelling advert that inspires someone to buy. So it's penalising laziness rather than bumping, as you can bump providing you're adding something to the thread that helps it in some way. Good reasons to bump include; price drop, adding photos, adding background info, etc.


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