• That's me. This is the first time I've seen another Kingston, although presumably there are at least a few more out there somewhere. Information is pretty scarce.

    I got mine on eBay- I paid £130 for frame+fork, which I thought was a great deal- the original paintwork was pretty much immaculate, nice lugwork etc. As for the value of yours Pifko- you've mentioned £140 and I think that's fair enough for a 531 frame handbuilt by a respected framebuilder. Who knows if rarity adds value... I'm not a collector of vintage bicycles!

    Anyhow, my Kingston rides really nice.

    Thanks for the info Rich. Like you say, I think I offered a realistic price, then again I'm probably going to get proven wrong once DMC or Hilary Stone see...

    Would have loved to have built this up...Oh well.

    I think the frame and HS have been spoken for, just waiting on payment...


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