• I initially bought this bike hoping to turn it into a 'bike for life' or sorts. I never got round to it and most likely never will, so I'm advertising on the forum, before I attempt eBay...

    I'm really not sure on the worth of the bike - Kingston was the brand which Mike Compton (who built **Rotrax **frames) used while the Rotrax name was with Witcomb Cycles. I have only ever seen 1 other Kingston frame and I think someone on here has it (Golden brown colour?)

    Advised by Tim Maund, who still builds Rotrax bikes, that it was made in 1971 with all 531 tubing - http://rotraxcycles.wordpress.com/about/­

    The frame is fully chromed - The forks, lugs and 2/3rds of rear triangle are polished, whereas the main tubing is a matt chrome. Headbadge intact, but it missing brand decals. You can acquire some from the above blog. Nice fastback seatstays and curved rear brake bridge. Campagnolo front and rear dropouts.

    Measurements c-c
    TT 58cm
    ST 60cm
    HT 15.5cm
    Rear spacing is 120mm.

    The chrome by the BB isn't brilliant...and there are little bits of pitting (don't know the correct term in this case) by the lugs at the TT-ST cluster and around the BB.

    As I said I'm not really sure of the price of this, but whatever offers I get I'll have to add on £15 for P&P from Bournemouth. I'm think around £140 odd... :S

    New White San Marco Regal saddle - Steel rails. Originally purchased for the above frame, but now it's not needed. Never fitted/riden.
    You can get them new for £48 here, so I'd take £40 (Free P&P) for this. SOLD - EYEBROWS

    Campagnolo Record Threaded Headset - Again, never used/fitted - BNIB.
    £45 here, so I'd take £35 (+£2 P&P) - SOLD -** HLADIK**
    ** ------------
    Campagnolo Centaur QS 10sp Front Derailleur (32mm band). Brand new, never fitted/used. **£10 (2 P&P)



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