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    cruise up, pop the kickstand down and then sit, kneel or stand on the rear rack, giving the rider the bird's eye view of wherever they are. Its the bling legs over the handlebar demounting approach really.

    Did a trip into the country north of Kampala a few weeks ago, to follow the Pearl of Africa Rally (the major driver died during it, i've never seen a car more mashed up, nor a city in mourning afterwards, the president sent an escort to his funeral that 6000 people attended - we'd met him on the first day of the rally, as he was friends of the people we're staying with)... anyway, I digress... we saw bikes being used for every form of possible transportation - they carry 25 litres of water, all your sugar cane harvest for the day, tea leaves in bags. Half your family, etc. The best so far was a complete solid wooden bed with one bloke at the front balancing and the guy behind steering. Cracking! Oh and bike shops are everywhere. Its an EdScoble Dream...

    Off to the beach (well after a weekend of drinking). Southies, have a beer for me on my birthday on Monday!


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