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  • This is a nation of crazy alcoholics!

    Highlights so far: stopping Gwyn from fighting a prostitute in a bar for nicking her fresh Gin & Tonic, foiling an attempt to pickpocket her too, bar hopping in Kampala until 9 am, seeing other people's houses, which are frankly gargantuan, and trying to cope with the really generous hospitality here...

    I'm struggling to cope with the discrepancy between the urban rich (you can see where your UK taxes go when you visit the British High Commission Club here), and the average person on the street, but even Kampala is a relatively wealthy town for the majority of its inhabitants. More culture shock to come when we leave the city I guess.

    Ngorogoro is on the list of things to do. Aiming for Zanzibar in early May via the overland bus, for a bit of Stone Town and beaches. Doing some white water rafting down the Nile once the next round of house visiting / dinners and catching up with old friends has been done. Need to get some work meetings out of the way first too.

    oh and bicycles: heaps of chinese sit up and begs, with lovely pressed chainrings (Leon and Phoenix being the most popular words built into them in the chainring), and rod brakes. Most of 'em are bicycle curryers, carrying people rather than goods. With a little cushion on the back and the nickname of the rider. That and big old mountain bikes. I've not summoned up the courage to pedal on the streets yet. The combination of crazy car driving and foot deep pot holes is putting me off.

    Oh and Boda Boda motorcycle taxis are lethal!

    Snowy, I have family in Kampala (my pops and his brothers and sisters were born there). I was in tanzania in 07 for a bit, totally awesome place too. Are you climbing kili? whatever you do have a great time.

    PS if you're climbing or touring tanzania, I can totally hook you up with a guide - I would and have entrusted my life to and he's come through him several times.

    pm me if this helps


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