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  • Cheers Dicki!

    I'm trying to sort out a visit to an HIV / AIDS project here in Kampala in the next few weeks, funded by the organisation I used to work for in the UK, and then planning on Kabale to visit some more rural / village development projects.

    I had the radio tuned to a fundamentalist Christian radio station this morning whilst I was in the shower (they play good country and western, I'm not one of the rabid lunatic missionaries we shared our flight out with), which was heavily pushing an abstinence programme through schools based on the Repulican / American approach. Funding allows you to preach I guess. :(

    Met the DfID development people last night for dinner; civil servants are the same wherever they are in the world!

    I'm staying in Kololo at the moment, so hardly slumming it! The view from the balcony is of the new Hilton being built (24 hours a day) on the opposite hilltop - the president's got to have shares, as its being built on the the poshest bit of town above the State Buildings - with the old airport and the Uganda Golf Club in between. Using it as a base so we can save more money for travelling elsewhere.

    Oh and Cornelius, did you get a text we sent you? Not sure whether I'm receiving texts out here on my UK phone at the mo. Either way, the Kololo valley has been blasted with Bright Times compilations since we arrived...

    off to the market to do some shopping...


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