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  • Hi BP,

    The chain is on a threaded rod and doesn't need to be fully tightened - turn it all the way in, then out a half turn. This should allow you to have it exit at the right angle.

    The barrel adjuster sleeve on the cable that micro-adjusts the tension should rotate freely on its cable - if it has seized you can unbolt the gear change lever and just turn the whole cable until it is tight enough - I usually have that adjuster half-way up.

    Adjust 3 speeds in 2nd or 3rd gear.

    Once it's all connected put the lever in 2nd and just loosen the fulcrum clip and move it back or forth until the hub is right in 2nd gear, and tighten it up again. This should make 3rd and 1st right too. If not, put the lever in 3rd, and move the fulcrum clip until the chain is only just under tension, then tighten. It should go into 2nd and 3rd correctly. You can then use the barrel adjuster to fine-tune.

    If you still have trouble I can fix it for you.


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