• Aside from technical error, there are no acceptable reasons for posting a new thread multiple times. This specifically applies to posting a thread in many forums.

    You should always pick the single best forum in which to place your thread. Once detected, at best duplicate threads will be merged with the other duplicates and placed in the most appropriate forum (from the administrators perspective) or at worst the threads will be considered spam and all of the applicable threads will be deleted and the user who posted them may be banned for spamming.

    The same rules apply to posts duplicated across many threads.

    Simply put... don't duplicate stuff.

    The first X number of posts by a user will be automatically submitted to 1 or more third party spam filters. Any posts that are marked as spam by these third party filters will not be visible until a staff member approves them. No agreement is made or implied in the approving of messages marked as spam, a post or thread could be approved in minutes, hours, days or years.


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