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  • I can't see why you'd still call Brawn-Mercedes "Honda". Honda financed the restructuring, and the design of the new car, but the main Honda part was the engine. Since they pulled out the car has had to be redesigned by the Brawn team to take the Mercedes engine.
    If you're not willing to say Brawn at least call it Tyrrell, though I'm not sure how many Tyrrell people are still working there.

    Force of habit, anyways, i'm glad to see everyone (bar one, but i've got something he'll like) is actually not taking the piss =P

    Here you go mikec:

    It's one you can crash into ^_^ (It's part Lambourghini see)

    With regards to the Button/Hamilton styles, i'm with you to an extent but I think this year Button will make a massive leap (just because of the car really) I know a lot of people never shut up about it and it gets tedious to hear at time but his smooth driving style does pay dividends.
    Hamiltons more tail-happy approach is very good but it does give him a lot of oppurtunities to bin it, luckily as he's been driving like that for as long as I can see he's pretty good at catching slides, which is fantastic to watch, but I can't imagine the tyres loving it.


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