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  • Braintree too here, hence in part the screen-name . . . . . . . suppose this is where i am required to to go....'init, er yer guv n all tha' .......or some such local lingo !!!
    Thaxted, Stebbing and around are great rides to be had, or you could go 'proppa' hairy and tackle downtown Chelmsford, (most of you guys would not require to open eyes for this etc) snore snore LOL

    Went to school in Chelmsford - when I've ridden through there any time recently, it's seemed like such a small town. Well, it always did, but in a different way...

    I rode the bumpy lanes between Stebbing and Dunmow more times than I care to remember when I was a kid - always leaving Stebbing too late (and too hungry), and having to ride myself into the ground to get back home quick enough to avoid getting whacked. Do I put a :) or a :( after this sentence? Fuck knows. I'm confused. Aaaaargh, it's like being a fucking pre-pubescent in Essex again :S I need to go somewhere - ANYWHERE!!!