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    Strong wind + disc wheel =**


    The other day after a long day of polo I was riding along Southwark St, from Blackfriars Bridge towards London Bridge, and as usual when it's windy and I'm on the polo bike, was holding tight onto my handlebars, wobbling a bit at times but keeping a normal pace (on my road gear not my polo gear).
    Then as I approached the crossing with Great Guilford St., a hurricane-like gust of wind caught my disc wheel, and litterally swept the bike away from under me. I unclipped and flew forward, doing a roll on the floor (unscathed thanks to the many crashes I've taken at polo + years of skateboarding I guess).
    Two nice and very posh old women on the sidewalk screamed and came to help me, then couldn't beleive that I was back on my feet and laughing (couldn't stop laughing). As I was explaining them what happened, showing the disc, another gust of wind almost threw the bike in their face, then another gust made one of them loose balance and cling to the other. Insane. Katrina-style wind I'm talking about here.


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