• Beryl Burton, the greatest British cyclist of all time.

    If you don't of her achievements then read this.

    "In 1967, she set a new 12-hour time trial record of 277.25 miles[2] – a mark that surpassed the men’s record of the time by 0.73 miles and was not superseded by a man until 1969.[3] While setting the record she caught and passed Mike McNamara who was on his way to setting the men's record at 276.52 miles and winning that year's men's British Best All-Rounder. She is reputed to have given him a [ame="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquorice_a­llsorts"]liquorice allsort[/ame] as she passed him.[4] Apparently, McNamara ate the sweet."



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