• To reduce our liability of having to care about little runts, London Fixed-gear and Single-speed has the following restrictions of use for minors.

    Below the age 13, registration on and use of the forum is prohibited, regardless of what laws apply locally.

    Aged 13 to 15, use of the forum is permitted, but disclosure of any personal information that allows you to be contacted outside of the public arena is prohibited. This means that you are not allowed to post your private email address, that you cannot publish your messenger details, and you absolutely cannot disclose your phone number. Further, private messages and the comments system may be denied to prevent disclosure of information via those channels. All other forum rules still apply.

    Aged 16 and over, use of the forum is according to the other London Fixed-gear and Single-speed forum rules.

    It should be noted that all social events that do not explicitly include an acceptable age limit shall implicitly be on the understanding that all attendees are of legal drinking age according to the laws of the location that the social event occurs.

    The above rules are designed to specifically exclude minors, and to accept that the services provided by London Fixed-gear and Single-speed are aimed at and predominantly used by adults.


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