• During registration you are asked to choose a user name to be identified by, the general rules on community standards apply to the user name you choose and additionally you cannot:

    • Claim to be someone that you are not
    • Have a domain name as your user name
    • Have an email address as your user name

    You will be required to select a new user name should any of the above appear to be true.

    An email address is a required field during registration, it will be used to activate your account (and you will be sent an activation email to complete the registration process), to receive password reminders and also to receive any thread notifications you subscribe to. You may opt out of administrative emails, cancel thread subscriptions and prevent others from emailing you to avoid receiving emails altogether.

    Each person is allowed to register as many accounts as they wish. However we will treat your first account registered as the primary account, and secondary accounts may be merged into the primary account or deleted during largescale maintenance. The email address of an account will be used to identify aliases during such maintenance.

    Any accounts registered must not be used deceitfully. By this we mean that you may not pretend to be someone other than you are for deceptive purposes. Further, any famous people registered must be clearly seen to be a caricature and not an attempt to pass yourself off as that person. Finally it is not acceptable to pass off aliases as real people, and to that extent you must avoid posting in the New Members thread or other places where you may pass the alias off as being real. Generally, aliases must be at least vaguely recognisable as an alias.

    Aliases are permitted to enable you to post anonymously or about sensitive personal subjects. However it is important that you accept that aliases are NOT anonymous, and that the administrator may have full awareness of your primary account.

    Any action carried out under the General Rules will be applied to your aliases. When the action expires on the primary account, we may leave in place bans on secondary accounts as a precaution against further breaches of the forum rules.

    The administrator reserves the right to disclose the identity of those behind aliases.


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