• I have a lovely vintage nos Rado (which i've mentioned in other threads) fairly small face, discreet. I love it but I very rarely wear it during the day for fear of busting it up.

    Currently looking for a massive gshock - frogman - pro trek type thing if any one has owt spare.

    I used to have a gorgeous Rado that I really cherished. Black small face, very slim hands, no markings at all. It was very thin and light, leather strap, very discreet. Had a tiny diamond to represent 12. Unfortunately got thieved by a maid in some ropey hotel in Pakistan.

    Oh also, I can offer my G Shock for if you want? Might not be big enough, and I'm pretty sure mine looks slightly different to that. I don't have it with me at uni so I can't put a real photo up.