• I noticed on another thread that there is a bit of a passion for writstwatches within this forum. I thought it would be nice to share our likes and dislikes. Our dream watches and junk shop or flea market finds. watches we'll have repaired one day but in the meantime we are happy to just look at. occasionally i hear that folk dont wear wristwatches or carry pocket watches because they have a mobile phone but i cannot imagine not wearing a wristwatch, i never take mine off. All watches please; automatic , battery , digital , jump hour , kinetic , binary , led. if you like it show it. also where do you get yours repaired or serviced?
    let it not be about the price tag but more about how lovely you think it looks, if by coincidence it costs mega money then fair play.
    here's one i found at a flea market two weeks ago for three pounds. it keeps perfect time and i love it. i love that the dial is slightly browning. it has a chrome case and leather strap. its mechanical wind and a full wind lasts about three days i think. the ticking is not intrusive.

    turn back your cuff and show me what you got!


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