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  • Right for a start i am not very technical with bikes i can do standard things and there is a lot that i guess i am still to learn, but basically i have an issue with my bike and it is scary. For a start at current im not running any brakes mainly because i wanted to give it a go so i don't want any hate from some of yall but secondly because i got a new front wheel and as my old wheels were 27" my brake wouldn't fit my 700!

    So anyway i recently got a new rear wheel build as my other was a piece of shit thanks to my ebay skills, anyway the wheel is a velocity rim on a halo hub it was put together at bristol bike workshop and im running a 16t durace cog that adotk sold me on top of this i have a new chain! Anyway im not sure if its because its a brand new lockring or what but when i skid stop the cranks slip through which literally makes my heart stop going down a hill and it even slips when i give it a good crank. Is this because it isn't tight enough? I wasn't sure so i have replaced the chain ring and bottom bracket as the old ones looked pretty rinsed anyway.

    I've deceided to put a front brake on again anyway, but i am still slightly worried as to what the problem is, i've spent a fair amount now and i have all new parts on my drive system im at a loss to what it might be. Should i go out and conquer some bristol hills or what? Any advice? And sorry this is a tech question but id rather post in the bristol social group forum as i at least know a few of you (in a way) and won't get shot down for being a little runt for this. cheers