• Went out with aftersputnik today for a little film. Nothing exciting, just a thrown together edit of a mess around on top of a car park.
    peep it: http://www.vimeo.com/3215736

    (apologies for bad compression settings)

    and sorry blankface havnt been on here for a while so hadnt seen your post! message me if you fancy doing some filming or whatever as im always around.

    Awesome dude, thats great stuff!

    You're getting far more done than i have! last Wednesday was the first day it was dry so I rushed back home after work, eager to get on my bike, strap my camera to the front and go for a ride, testing how it would look!

    I left park row, went round the fountains, down behind the waterfront and onto the end of Hotwells - i went as fast as my little legs would take me - returned home knackered to find I didnt press record properly!!!

    Doh! Anyways, im back to normal now so plan on going out tomorrow night with Luis and Alex hopefully so ill let you know how it goes!

    Good work though, great to see stuff happening!

    ~ Gav.


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