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  • Condor size you up for a bike when you buy from them don't they? I asked about their sizing jig when I was in there and they pretty much shrugged me off. I look like someone with no money and they just said something along the lines of "we fit you to a bike when you are serious about buying one from us".

    I got fitted by Condor when I bought my bike. My understanding is that they mostly - if not always - use it to fit you to their bikes rather than get general position information from it. When they use it they configure it to the basic frame size (of the bike from their range) that they think is appropriate and then fiddle with the seat, bars, etc.

    I know Sigma will measure you up for about £35. If I remember correctly they use the "bikefit" system and you come away with a diagram showing the various important measurements.

    I'm thinking about getting measured up by Cyclefit as I get some knee pain which may need some specific changes to my bike that will probably have been beyond the capabilities of the relatively simple - but doubtless mostly effective - approach used by Condor. I'll report back as I expect to do it over the next few weeks.


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