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  • @ Cornelius & Tynan - Yea, I came across that map (via google maps rather than the forum, oddly enough), but I opted to go for a new one for a couple of reasons - firstly that I wanted to do one solely for bike shops, and secondly that the existing one had a bunch of personal information, and I didn't want to go ahead and resurrect / publicise that.

    @ VB - Sure, that sounds like a good idea. There is the option to have a custom marker (could to red for poor reviews, yellow for neutral, green for good), but it would be pretty tedious. Would be more fun to do something programmatically via Google API. I wouldn't really know where to start with this, but is it something you could link from the forum somehow? Maybe via a poll?

    I changed the URL to something more obvious / easier to remember. Old one still works though.


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