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  • [quote=whatfriends;435041]as for single speed and front brake, ive said it before and i'll continue to say it. no no no no. its fucking unsafe and its not just you you put at risk. and in case people care, its against the law.quote]

    This may well be me, I really don't want to start an argument but in my defence:

    I don't think it's 'fucking unsafe' and I don't see how I'm putting anyone at risk.
    I don't know why a bike set up inspires such strong negative feeling.

    When I put my bike together I wanted it as simple as possible, one brake, one gear, that's it. I didn't put it together thinking, 'I really hope everyone thinks I'm riding fixed', I didn't put it together to be part of scene, I put it together to ride to work on, which I've been doing perfectly safely for over a year.

    So my cable might snap? Yeah if I don't maintain it properly, there's more of a chance, but the chances as is are tiny. I notice people don't give the brakeless crew a hard time about their chains snapping?

    I might go over the handlebars? Only if I'm shit at riding my bike, only if I don't look ahead and have to slam the brake on without warning. If I was riding fixed this would still be a problem.

    But don't get me wrong, I'm not a fixed hater, in fact I have no problem with how you choose to ride your bike or what you ride. The fact is you're riding, fucking good on ya, brakeless bmx to granny shopper, I salute you!

    Anyway, in an interesting plot twist, I'm fixing the falcon this week. Should be fun, got lights too!


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