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  • Hi, I posted this answer up on another thread not so long ago. Here you go Take the nice back streets to Putney Bridge, via where Mark Bolan was killed in his mini. Cross the bridge and at the bottom take a right before Kings Road. Go towards the Hurlingham Club where you will need to take a left and go round it as the riff-raf are not allowed through the Park there. This brings you out at the bottom of Wandswarth Bridge, head straight onto Chelsea Harbour where all the rich chavs live. This eventually takes you to Lotts Road where you turn right. . eventually you will conme out on Chelsea Embankment. Carry on along the embankment and then you have a choice of whether to go via westminster or down the Vicrtoria Embankemt, round the strand and to your destination. Havent made a map but you get the idea. This is the low traffic route ( up to the embankment anyhow)


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