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  • Yo!

    I'm guessing these questions are aimed at me:
    That the Fuji you've got there?
    But flat pedals?
    Where's that pic man?? Also what bag have you got on there?

    Flat peddles FTW, as Sheldon says, flat peddle riding a fixed is for advanced riders, you get more of a zen feeling etc. bollox.

    Yeah its a fuji.
    The frame accented by bar tape wrapped around the frame, some insulation tape and plenty or parcel tape to give it the ultimate "I'm not worth robbing" look, which will be all the rage in 09.

    The pic was taken at the nottinghill Carnival, the 2 girls are ex college mates.
    The bag is a chrome Metro. Jeans by Carhart, with t-shirt from PetroChemical Accelerator (Now Killface) and DC runners all set off by a bike chain by abus. hahaha


    Picture is of the bag, I don't know why.

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