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  • Route by eeehhhh
    Last ridden: 21st Dec 08
    Sunday: late evening (11-12ish)
    34 km/21 miles
    Mostly traffic, although some fairly straight bits, e.g. Upper Richmond Road, South Carriage Drive, which you could put your foot down if you wanted.


    1) At the end of South Carriage Drive, just use the crossing designated for cyclists onto the 'roundabout', under/around Wellington Arch, over the cyclist crossing on the other side and then down onto Constitution Hill. I couldn't find a way to show this on the map properly. Don't go down onto A4/Knightsbridge, as it is on the map, it's not very pleasant...

    2) After Westminster Bridge towards Waterloo, I head round the back of Waterloo via some dodgy looking tunnel. I think I've got it right on the map, it comes out round the back of Waterloo station near a taxi rank.

    3) It looks back on itself a bit, mainly because when I go out for a ride I just go in whatever direction I feel like, then tend to go back on myself when I've had enough.


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