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  • I thought it would be worthwhile to create a home for routes of rides that we've done, as large groups or that you have done solo, so we can share the joys of good routes/rides with the rest of the forum population. So if someone feels like going for a ride and wants to do a new route first place they come is here, because if we've done it, it's bound to be good and fun.

    Obviously cause I'm in London I'm thinking about routes around town, anything from 10 - 50 miles, but feel free to post up routes that take you out into the country and back, training loops etc or routes that aren't London based, I know we have many forumengers who are based elsewhere and it'd be nice to have those routes up for anyone who wants to ride those areas.

    I am going to ask you to do a bit of the heavy lifting though. So when you post up a route, could you post it up as its been set out below, with a link to the gmap pedometer of the route, plus an image of the route and any crib sheet information if required, oh and almost forgot could you also say whether its a day or night time route as well...

    many thanks.

    The ones below are just a couple I found on a quick trawl through the forum.

    Route by Ma3k
    Ride East last ridden 14th December 08
    Sunday: Day Ride
    35 KMs (ish)/ 19 Miles
    2/3 out of traffic (riverside and green chain)


    Route by Ma3k
    Friday Night Ride last ridden 18th July 08
    Friday: Evening Ride
    15 KMs (ish)/ 9 Miles