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  • man i sympathise. i quite for a year with the allen car book but fell off the waggon yet again a couple of years back.

    the smoking ban has helped. when i started again i was really just a social smoker but i could still get though a pack in a night in the pub. i used to cane the fags in band rehearsals too. now i can't smoke in pubs or rehearsal. i can now get though a night with just a few sneaky fags no bother.

    as i'm not really smoking at home (apart from the occasional binge when the GF is out or away), at work or in the day i'm down to just a few a day when walking about, between rides or outside the pub. logic tells me that i've already beaten any lingering chemical addiction. now i've just got to get over the habit of those last few.

    thing is though, i still think of them as "treats" which is totally the wrong attitude. i've been thinking about quitting again lately. i hate the smell on my clothes, breath and fingers and i can't stand the smell of stale smoke in the house. and yet despite that i'll probabaly be leaning out of the kitchen window later tonight toking away.

    i'll get there soon i think. just need to take a bit of a run up at it. pick my moment and make sure i've got the right attitude drilled home.

    i think the forthcoming diseased organ picture packs will probs help too.

    my dad just quit, aged 58 after smoking (at least) two packs of b&h a day since he was 16. being the ultimate creature of habit and unstinting proponent of the HTFU school of self-doctoring i was pretty godsmacked. he finally did it unprompted, with no patches or drugs and without even telling anyone. three months later i'm still amazed by that.

    good luck with it dude.


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