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  • yea its true, joggers look miserable. running is about reasons, like most 'sports'. if the reasons are primarily got to lose my fat arse related, then its never gonna be fun. i was like you with running at first. i dont love it by any means, and to be honest i hardly ever do it, but when i do, and it works, its a fucking joy. if you get it right, your body works perfectly and efficiantly and is doing something it was completely designed for. i started off running round the block, gradually adding an extra street now and then. then when i could run for 30 mins, i thought fuck it and entered a half marathon. i suffered like hell but i loved it too. now ive done three, the last one in september and rarely run in between. (actually i did go through a phase of night time off road running with my mountain bike lights - awesome). for septembers one, i hadnt run for 8 months, then i did 3 runs totalling less than 2 hours about 3 weeks before it. i got a personal best, taking 5 mins off my previous time. so stoked. i think what i like best about it is the marvel that is the human body. what it is capable of. its fucking astounding. anyway, blah blah. joggers are miserable, runners arent. biiiig difference.

    i wish i could swim properly but i cant afford the lessons. i love the description of it, it sounds pretty amazing.


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