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  • I went and visited Karl again today.

    Hes totally thinking about selling single speed OTP road bikes & frames next year. But he will have to get frames made in Batches of 100 and he is worried that he wouldnt be able to shift 100 !

    I gave him a few pointers on the design, he is aware that there would have to be a larger option to the standard speedway frames which only seem to fit people around 5'8" on a road setup.

    He is keen on having something at the very affordable end, which is kind of the philosophy of the rider-owned company.

    They sell the steel speedway frame & forks at £100 , but the superior aluminium one is £205 for frame only.

    He likes selling frames at £100, and so do the customers. Ideally he'd like to do the street/track frames for the same, but obviously that only pays for certain tubing & colour options.

    If he could up the spec of the tubing, work on the toe overlap & street/track geometry perhaps a better version of the steel frame could be sold at just under £200? which is the idea which I want to push him to do.


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