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    My drivetrain is sounding like a tractor again. And I'm tired of it. Cleaning it lasts only a day or two before it's tractor sounding again, neglecting it seems not to make any difference to volume or squeakiness.

    So I'm considering running 3/32 fixed. I don't skid or skip much, I do moderate speed and brake on it... but I also run a front brake. So I don't think there's an enormous argument for the strength of a 1/8 chain.

    Has anyone been riding 3/32 fixed for a while? Any problems? No-one has actually has a well-kept chain break have they? I hear hearsay, but no actual first-hand experiences have come my way.

    The chain-ring is due for replacement soon anyway (almost 3 years without replacement and I can see it's not got long left)... and as that is the biggest part of the cost 3/32 looks quite compelling.

    I want silence, I want ease of servicing (bike shops in the middle of nowhere will have tools and chains), ease of cleaning (my park tools chain cleaner doesn't properly fit 1/8), and reduced cost in replacing parts.

    I just don't want to face-plant as a result of any potential 3/32 accident.

    So... what are the cons? What's your direct experience?


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