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  • tip: practice cornering fast, and sprinting as fast as poss on short straights. also work on your endurance at high levels of effort. due to the nature of elimination races, the more people enter, the more laps you will have to do.

    the circuit ive decided on is pretty short, which is why i said practice fast cornering and short distance sprinting. may change though... was thinking of birmingham uni at first but decided against it cos of security worries. got kicked off there nuff times when bmxing /photographing. might get away with it but i dont wanna take the risk.

    i might even chuck in a few paced laps (i.e. you follow a rider round the track, are not allowed to overtake him/her but may overtake your fellow racers to get the best position), if there aren't more than 10 peeps showing up. i dont want it being too short, so 5 pace laps will make it a bit longer, build up a bit of suspense by allowing you guys to jostle for position behind me/someone else.

    in addition to the elimination race i might add a keirin race. all depends how many prizes the sponsors supply.

    i hope at least 7 fixies turn up... even if only 5 turn up it should be ok though.


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