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    I'm a new member to this forum although I have been reading with interest for about a year which is when I started to build up my fixed conversion a couple of my friends have also built up conversions but are still riding SS for the time being.
    I regularly see a few heads ploughing up Gloucester Rd each day. This morning I was behind a guy on an all black bike with Rapha cap-pink stripe. He pulled out of Ashley Rd and went up Glos Rd. I also met Aidan from Fixed Bristol after the Bristol-Bath path protest.

    Now there seems to be a few of us about perhaps it would be could to meet for a ride or a beer -the Mud Dock Rollapaluza could be a good event to meet at?

    Anyway, I'm not one of the bikes listed above but did cross Whiteladies yesterday evening - hope to see you around.

    p.s what's happened to this font?!!


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