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  • hello,

    Like a muppet I bought a rear wheel on ebay thinking I'd got a bargain. Only once it arrived did I realise the rim is for a tub not clincher tyre.

    below is the original ebay text about it.

    I'm looking for £40 which was what it cost me including postage. The Hub is actually quite pretty, so if no one wants it I may break it apart to build a new wheel.


    This sprint wheel has a Le Tour hub with threads for a freewheel on one side and fixed wheel on the other, it is not a quick release wheel.

    The rim is a Fiamme sprint rim.

    The condition of the wheel is good.

    Also for sale is an old BMX I have, it's made by apollo and is nothing special, but I quite liked it. The headset is a bit loose though. It has a new seat post (fucking seatpost and a half) and saddle.

    Looking for £50

    I'd prefer not to have to post either, but can bring them along to various events, or they can be picked up in East London (Whitechapel / Limehouse)

    Not to worry mate, I did exactly the same thing with a new wheelset from the States. You could still run a clincher on the front and the tub on the rear. I have grown to love my tubs though, even if they are a bugger to repair.


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