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  • Handy thread: I'm about to put an order/deposit on a Plug racer. Certainly don't have the luxury of try before I buy as Leisure Lakes Cheltenham are ordering it in for me. Now faced with the decision of which size to go for. Ted from Fixed Gear London suggested the medium (he's 5 6" and finds the small big) but the shop are advising me L. Have emailed Charge and waiting for their reply, but I'm guessing they'll suggest the L

    From experience I'm leaning toward the medium, as I've bought big frames before (MTB tho) and wished I got them smaller. I recently fitted a On One Midge to an old Orange Gringo to make it more of a dedicated road bike and found it uncomfortable on long rides (much to my chagrin, spend over £100 doing it for nowt) so think I've got a quite upright riding style