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  • -1. Only applies if you're riding a unicycle. show me a cable that cant be cut in <2 seconds.

    I meant to secure a front nutted wheel. Obviously it can be cut in seconds, even a D lock can be cut in seconds with the right tools.

    But you have to strike a balance been weight/practicality and security.

    I have a friend who rides a *very *nice Moser track bike, he uses an abus steeloflex around the rear, and a shoelace thick token lock around the front wheel.

    Even the shoelace lock although piss weak, it will stop the opportunists who dont have cutters from pinching the front wheel.

    I see lots of people who have forked out for a fagghettaboutit only secure one wheel.
    Surely any lock on the front wheel is better than none at all?


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