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  • I have been using a Kryptonite chain and mini D for several years in NYC and I feel totally confident and safe leaving my bike most places. It does weigh a ton but I lock the whole thing around my waist while I'm riding and I forget it's even there.

    A short story about my beloved mini D lock. My ex and I were riding around NYC and she had the chain and mini D locked around her waist. When we went to lock up we discovered she had lost the key and she couldnt get the chain off her?

    We went to a hardware store where they tried a pair of huge bolt cutters that bent on the lock. Next we went to a locksmith that pulled out his giant tool kit and tried to pick the lock for an hour with no luck, he suggested we go to the fire department. We went to the local fire department where they used their hydrolic bolt cutters which barely made a dent in the lock! Finally they brought out the 18 inch diamond blade saw. They covered her in fire proof blankets and went at the lock with the saw after 15 minutes and a huge shower of sparks they finally managed to cut through the lock! Now thats what I call a good lock! I dont think I will changing from Kryptonite locks anytime soon.


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