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  • So, these are the various designs that people have submitted this far.

    We need to get an order of 40+ together in order to get the price down to £65 per jersey. This is a good price when compared against other Merino jerseys which tend to retail around £80+. To go with the people that offer the best service we need to put down half the money for the order first, so this is going to mean a deposit from each person that wants the jersey and the balance 1 month later.

    Please vote on each one to let me know which you would buy if it was the chosen design.

    Once the design is chosen I will run another poll to see who actually wants them and is willing and able to pay the deposit. Once I have the required deposits the order will be placed.

    PS Not sure how to do polls so this might not work too well. How do I get the pictures of the jerseys to show in the poll options?


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