• Hello folks,
    First of all, I use my bike alot (don't we all) and in very mixed usage - city - traffic - commuting and long distance (20-60 miles) and leisure. I flip flop alot and have two brakes. Its a drop handle bar with typical drop brakes. I guess it does the job just fine.
    I am however considering or even wondering if i should change to proper aero handle bars a la - http://www.wiggle.co.uk/images/profile-a­irwing-os-08.jpg ..
    Reasoning my usage of the current drop. I do use the drop - mostly for sprinting etc. but probably use the rest on top of the brakes bit more - for resting my arms and aerodynamics, esp for longer distances and such - even shorter stretches of city roads. So maybe i would have more advantage of an aero bar? Or maybe i should just save that bit of cash..

    What advantage do you have of your drop or aero? Or is it bullhorn? I get confused..
    Anyway a question of practicality and not æsthetics - they both look fine.

    Appriciate any feedback



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