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    Does anyone know anything about situations in which a car hasn't been registered, so license no. can't be linked to ID?
    Last year I got the classic 'overtake and left-turn without looking' manuevre pulled on me. The (huge) passenger got out of the car, I went to record his registration number, and he proceeded to punch me, get back in his car and drive off. So, hit and run plus assault.. Got some good witnesses and licence no., but apparently the person to whom the car was registered claimed he had sold it 6 months before.

    I'm sure the police were very shoddy on this one. For a start, they didn't have any positive way of knowing that the person they spoke to wasn't the same person who hit me. Also, I'm in disbelief that you can buy and drive a car without leaving some kind of paper trail that a decent cop could find in half an hour. Unless the driver has never paid congestion charge or bought petrol with his credit card and had his registration automatically recorded. Or hasn't driven past a automatic licence recognition system since I filed my report, etc.

    Does anyone know how possible it is to run a car completely off the books? I'd be interested in following this one up if it was going to go anywhere.. nothing I like more than making the fuzz actually serve me ;)


    Thats bad.

    When you sell a car there is a bit for the seller to send off to the DVLA and a bit for the new owner to send of to the DVLA. The DVLA send a reply back to say they have received the paperwork to each respective party. If the person says he sold the car six months ago he should have sent off his half of the form so that even if the new owner did not complete their part of the form it was on record that he had was no longer the owner. In other words it would be on record that he had sold the car. If he had a speeding ticket and tried this excuses it would not wash in courts without the paper work.