• Last night on ITV there was a programme about crash scene investigators including a cyclist who had been hit by a lorry driver at night on a dual carriageway and nearly killed.

    What was interesting was that the police had obvious suspicions the driver had fallen asleep or drifted out of lane and so the investigation was looking at discounting possible defences.

    Obviously first question was where his bike was positioned when hit and they did alot of work to establish the bike had been hit when outside the rumble strip so should have been easily avoided by properly driven vehicle.

    His rear light was smashed to pieces in the crash so they searched the grass verge to find all pieces and particularly a missing battery which might have been used to suggest although present it wasn't working.

    They collected his clothing + helmet and photographed it on a dummy to prove the Scotchlite reflectors on his jacket and helmet were clean and not obscured when viewed from behind.

    Also looked his bike over for any damage or mechanical issues that might have been present before the crash.

    That evidence plus witnesses ended up in a guilty plea, but you could see how the defence could have used any mechanical or visibilty issues to introduce a bit of doubt. Sobering.


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