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  • Most normal hubs the flange to flange width is less on a rar than a front hub. It is only the axle spacers holding the spacers out so there is room for a cog and the bodies are abit wider as well. The hub bodies on a pair of hubs I have in front of me are

    front, 80 mm with 10 mm worth of cone nuts and lock nuts on each side.
    rear, 92 mm

    Now the cone nut on the front protrude 3.3 mm so if the front cone nut were swapped with the rear the rear wheel could be spaced t0 92 +3.3+3.3=98.6mm without any lock nuts on the cones. If you uses some blue locktite on the cone nuts could you get away without lock nuts on the cones? With regular checking quite possibly.