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  • Got two projects on the go at the moment - very old Mercian conversion, which will eventually become my main bike once I get hold of the 120mm wheels and a 27.0mm seatpost. Bit of an odd one really - no braze-ons or cable routing, but it's drilled for a rear brake. If the braze-ons have been removed (i.e. if there were any on there to begin with), it's been done very well, and resprayed by Mercian in the meantime. It'll never run as a geared again that's for sure. I'll post photos later - I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me whether I should get it resprayed or just leave it as is.

    My other project is my geared bike - a late model Holdsworth professional. Going to have the downtube shifter bosses removed, get ergo guides added and have it sprayed up in gunmetal grey with ivory lugwork and *maybe *an ivory headtube if my budget can stretch to it. Got a shed full of Campag Veloce and Chorus stuff, along with a set of Khamsin wheels. Going to be odd riding a freewheel again - why can't they make a fixed geared bike?


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