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  • (so) what projects is everyone working on? anything fun?

    I've recently salvaged 3 old bikes for some conversions. each very shitty, but I figure i can give them some love, and get some kids who can't afford anything that grand a decent riding SS/fixie.

    The first is and old Ross touring bike. The geometry is really forgiving and the weight isn't bad. It's in for paint right now, but i forgot to snap a before picture.

    The second is a ladies scwhinn. it was heavy as fuck, but dropping teh old steel wheels and derailleurs really lightened it up quite a bit. it's been being ridden for a while now, though technically its still in progress. It's also going to paint this week.

    the final one is kind of an epic piece for me. it's a yellow piece of shit scwhin. it weighs 23 lbs with out wheels. seriously a piece of shit. i was made fun of at work for even touching it. i'm taking my time with it, and really trying to make this something nice. though it will always be a shoddy frame, at least it will ride nice and look hot. spending way more money and time on it than it's worth, but it's all about showing up the guys at work.

    i will post some before and afters of what i got this week sometime.

    (also any ideas to really get a shitty bike looking trick would be apreciated. i tend to make a lot of them look the same.)


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