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    In March of 2007 the Barcelona town council launched a new cycle initiative called Bicing Barcelona. It is an ambitious project that enables you to pick up a bicycle from any of 100 strategically placed bike stations, cycle to your destination, and then drop the bike off at any of the other cycle stations. The Bicing Barcelona initiative offers you a low cost and environmentally friendly way of getting around the city centre.

             The Bicing project is being launched in 3 phases. Stages 1 and 2 are now complete with 750 bikes at 50 stations already available. When the final stage is complete by 1st July 2007 there will be a total of 1500 bikes at 100 cycle stations.
             At this stage the program is only open to residents of Barcelona however tourists will be able to take advantages of the Bicing Barcelona program after 1st July 2007. 

    To hire a bike you will need to register at the Bicing Barcelona office at Pl. Carles Pi I Sunyer, 8-10 (office open 8.30 to 17.30). You will need a credit card and ID to register. If you are a Barcelona resident you can register now online:

    Residents will pay an annual registration fee of 6 Euros to use the service. When the final stage is launched on 1st July tourists will be also able to register to use the bikes for a 1 week period for only a 1 Euro registration charge.

             After registration you can pick up your bike from one of the cycle stations and off you go. If you return the cycle to one of the cycle stations within 30 minutes there is no additional charge to pay. If however you return your bike after 30 minutes there is a small additional charge which varies depending on how long after the 30 minutes you return the bike. e.g. 31 – 60 minutes cycle ride will incur an additional charge of just 30 cents ( 0.30 euro) . 

    The big plus about the Bicing Barcelona program is that as long as you return the cycle within the 30 minute period you do not pay any additional fees and you are free to pick up another bike whenever you want within the period covered by the registration period.

    As an example you can cycle to you first destination, drop off your bike at the nearest cycle station, do a little sight seeing, and then pick up another bike and cycle to your next destination. As long as you return the bike within 30 minutes you do not pay a penny (or cent here in Spain) in additional fees.


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