• Electra 'townie 8' shopper frame, aluminium, bouncy RST fork and you don't get the seat or post. nothing wrong with it but I'm not going to use it. Free to good home if you collect from Guildford.

    4130 steel monty trials bike, this is the rolling frame, I will have it built up shortly, realistically the novelty will wear off after about 2 big falls so I'll put it up here now. the powder coat is black with a prismatic flake, when the light catches it, it does look rather cool. £Offers or swap for 61-63cm steel track frame.

    Specialised rockhopper 23" mtb, mavic EN321 rims on shimano XT hubs, road cassette and rigid forks otherwise standard. tidy condition. £350 as is or £300+ cost of bouncy fork if you want the forks changing.

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