• Sorry to post on here regarding a non-bike thing, but none of my friends/enemies/family etc. know anything about computers, and some of you lot probably do.

    I need instruction on how to sync the files on my PC/laptop/USB pen so that when I put the USB pen into the laptop/PC the files that have been altered most recently on one drive will automatically (or at the press of a button) overwrite the ones on the other drive.
    Is this a possibility? I already do this by hand and its a drag; I'm usually working on a handful of documents at any given time - on my USB if i'm using a PC somewhere, on my laptop if I've got it and I'm not at home and on my PC if I'm at home, so I can have a file on each with the same name but it could easily be a different version on each, which gets annoying.

    Anyone know how to do this? (all my stuff like OS and software is MS by the way)