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  • Not quite, when you have been away from a thread for a while you should be able to click on it and it will take you back to the last bit you read. As far as I can tell that button you mentioned just takes you to the last message on the thread. If you click on to a thread with 20 new messages at the moment it just leaves you at the top of the page! Cheers though. :)

    Tynan was on the ball, but wrong arrow.

    Hover over the first arrow (left of thread title) and it says "Go to first unread post".

    The thread title goes to the first page.

    Hover over the last arrow (which contextually is in the column called "last post") and it says "Go to last post".

    So just click the arrows to the left of the thread titles and you will be precisely at the first unread post.

    Note: You may need to click Quick Links > Mark Forums Read just once to clear everything so that it's bang up to date and can calculate correctly from that point onwards.


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