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    -Take a look around. Write down every CCTV camera you can see. Make a note of whether it's privately owned (banks, night clubs, etc) or whether it's city-owed. On your report, make a list of these.

             Why:  In our case when I asked if the cops checked CCTV footage, they replied "We weren't told there were any". By that time it was too late for them to be checked.

    Another thing is that you, as a person who has been filmed by those CCTV cameras, can apply to their operator for copies of the footage under the Data Protection Act. By law there should be a sign near the camera telling you who the operator is and how to contact them. They are unlikely to want to go through the hassle of making a copy but you have a legal right so press for it. They are allowed to charge an admin fee, but I think it's limited to £10. Make the application in writing and keep copies of the application and their response.

    It sucks, but money/property talks.

    • If you are hurt, don't be a tough guy. Go to the hospital/your GP. Get a letter from them explaining your injuries. While a good case of road rash may not be life-threatening it may make you unable to ride/walk/work properly. This is important to note. If you get a later infection or later bone/muscle problems it will make it trickier to prove.

    Another thing is that physical injuries talk even more loudly than money. You can't sue for emotional distress but there is a list of suggested sums for each physical injury. An interesting fact is that girls get more than guys for facially disfiguring injuries because their looks are judged to be more important. This seems to be based ona view that girls need to get married to have a secure future.

    I know because I brought a civil case after getting fubarred by a black cab - broken nose, loosened teeth, concussion, 7 stitches in my chin and temporary amnesia. Was reimbursed for my bike, incidentals like medical supplies and travel, the time my girlfriend spent helping me and all my injuries. Took about 18 months and was a fair bit of hassle but I ended up getting a good chunk of cash and I was spurred on by the fact that it really wasn't my fault. The police were fuck-all help in following things up although they helped scrape me off the road.


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