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  • about his promise:

    you have to show that the promise was clear and unequivocal, and that it would be unfair for him to go back on his word. it would help if you could show that you'd acted in reliance on this promise.

    you can't sue him to enforce the promise, but if he sues you for rent, you can use the promise as a defence (i.e. the promise is a shield for you, not a sword)

    if you had moved out the day he gave you the promise, I think you'd be in the clear, but because he altered his promise shortly afterwards before you'd changed your position, I don't think you could use the earlier promise in Court.

    i would not worry about him being a lawyer. It sounds like he's not on top of his game, leaving himself wide open with promises and then alterring them after he reviews the contract (if he was a good lawyer, surely he'd know his own lease contracts backwards and forwards)


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