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    what God-awful state is the track in now?

    Pretty rubbish at the moment (although the large pond at the far end makes for a good water hazard), but I think they renovated it over the summer. To be honest, this is the first time I've been on it despite living in Brixton for about seven years cos it's the first time I've had a non-road bike, so I haven't got any comparison point.

    It was fucking weird to be going up and down little hills on dirt and being able to freewheel. I struck a pedal on top of one of them cos I forgot to stop pedalling! This Saturday should be fun.[/quote]

    yeah it's been under "improvement" for about a year now..

    I really miss riding there, it's too bad.

    the "little hills" are jumps! you've been riding on the road too long.
    but I don't reckon it's that easy to jump or manual them if the whole thing is a wet, skiddy mess


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